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Motivation problems

March 9, 2012

Progress is slow. I’m excited to clear my hoard, not excited to do the actual work. I’ve been having problems feeling motivated to do much, just kind of feeling fatigued. At first I thought I was just fighting a bug but now I’m thinking it might be a symptom of depression. I used to have this problem before I was on medication. But I have been bagging the rest of the trash and it looks like I’ll have to make a second dump trip when I’m done.


Other than that I have been taking Clorox wipes and wiping down hard surfaces as I move around. More a maintenance thing than anything. Trying to put my trash directly in the trash can instead of, “oh I’ll just set this on my nightstand to throw away later”.  And I haven’t brought anything new in (aside from food obviously).


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  1. Girl, the fatigue reaction is very common. For people with hoarding tendencies, there’s always a certain amount of anxiety and stress that comes with cleaning out their hoard, and that anxiety/stress combo is exhausting. It can also trigger depression.

    You have to remember to practice self-care. Try to rest when you’re tired. Pace yourself during clean-up. Eat healthy, maybe take vitamins to give yourself an extra boost. And celebrate your successes! Look at what your wrote: you’re putting things in the trash now! You’re bagging another bag of trash! You’re using the Clorox wipes!

    You’re making progress! Feel good about it! I’m inspired just reading about it!

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